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Channel 4 has done us all a great service in exposing the vile racism and hatred which lurks within British society. The camera has laid bare the vicious enmity which so many of our fellow citizens harbour towards those of different ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. But, no, I'm not talking about Big Brother, I'm referring to Dispatches. Secret filming of incendiary sermons at some of Britain's leading 'moderate' mosques reinforced the findings of Sue Reid's investigation in last Saturday's Daily Mail into Islamic rabble-rousing in the Home Counties. It would be sloppy shorthand to describe the revelations as 'shocking'. Alarming, maybe, but not much of a shock. This documentary only served to confirm what many of us have long taken as read - namely that what is preached inside a substantial number of Muslim places of worship in Britain is diametrically opposed to what 'community leaders' say for public consumption. Over four months, Dispatches recorded an assortment of mad mullahs calling for 'jihad' (holy war) against the 'kuffaar' (unbelievers). Muslims are urged to hit women who refuse to wear the hijab, kill homosexuals, reject British law and democracy and set up in this country an Islamic state within a state. Praise is lavished on those who kill British soldiers, particularly the Taliban. "The hero of Islam is the one who separated his head from his shoulder," screams one imam at the Sparkbrook mosque, in Birmingham, which has been hailed by Tony Blair for its contribution to its "multi-faith and multicultural activities". The unrelenting message is one of Muslim world domination and denigration of 'infidels'. At the nearby Green Lane mosque, Channel 4' s undercover reporter was directed to a secret website where the popular convert Abu Assama preaches that Jews and Christians are the enemy of Islam and it is the duty of all Muslims to fight them. Green Lane mosque, bankrolled by Saudi Arabia, is the headquarters of the radical organisation Markali Jamat Ahi-Hadith, which is affiliated to the 'moderate' Muslim Council of Britain. At the Regent's Park mosque, in London, as well as many others throughout Britain, DVDs disseminating the most disgusting slurs on the 'kuffaar' are on open sale.
Needless to say, the 'moderates' who run these mosques deny any knowledge of the preachers of hate and their violent propaganda, which almost exclusively follows the teachings of the extremist Wahhabi movement in Saudi Arabia. They claim not to be able to control what is sold in their bookshops or what is said in their mosques or community halls, which are hired to a number of outside groups. If they popped their heads round the door for 30 seconds they wouldn't be left in much doubt. Can you imagine what would happen if a Conservative Club was regularly letting its function room to white supremacists? A couple of weeks ago, after the Guardian had wasted seven months on an undercover investigation telling us that the BNP are unpleasant, I wondered why neither they nor the rest of the so-called 'liberal' media ever bothered looking in to what goes on in Britain's mosques. So Dispatches is to be congratulated on this exposé and its reporter on his bravery. If there were any justice, this programme would win a BAFTA. But it won't. The 'anti-racism' brigade isn’t interested in these inconvenient truths about Islamic fanatics. I looked in vain for any mention of this programme in the Guardian, or its mini-me, the Independent. Nothing, nada, zilch. Unless I missed something, it didn't even warrant a line on Channel 4 News, which immediately preceded Dispatches - even though cross-promotion is the lifeblood of any TV network. Curiously, there have been no questions in the House, either. Surely the police were investigating the Dispatches revelations with a view to bringing prosecutions for incitement to violence and racial hatred - especially against the backdrop of this week's London Transport terror trial. Er, not as such. Perhaps the Old Bill is too busy sifting through the e-mails about 'racism' on Big Brother. In the normal course of events, I wouldn't even dignify this fatuous freak show with any comment. I've never seen it and have no intention of ever watching it. I don't suppose Gordon Brown has seen it, either, any more than he listens to the Arctic Monkeys. But that didn't stop him commenting on it, even though he hasn't said a word about the increase in mortgage rates, the Himalayan personal debt mountain or the highest inflation figures for 14 years - which are supposed to come within his area of competence. Most MPs watch TV only when they're appearing on it. But still 24 of them have found the time to sign a Commons motion expressing outrage about what a pig in lipstick said to a Bollywood actress they'd never heard of. Any opportunity to flaunt their 'anti-racist' credentials, while remaining blithely indifferent to the latest evidence of the very real threat Islamic fanaticism poses to the safety and security of our society. For crying out loud. Channel 4 News, which completely ignored Dispatches, has been filling its boots with Big Brother 'racism'. In India, where no one has seen it either, effigies of Big Brother's producers have been burnt in the street by an 'angry mob' of half a dozen layabouts from central casting rounded up for the benefit of the British TV cameras. If you believe the hype, this is a rerun of the ridiculous Danish cartoons episode. Which it isn't.
I'm sure the overwhelming majority of the Indian people couldn't give a monkey's. If anyone is to blame, it's Shilpa Shetty's agent, who should have watched a few old videos of Big Brother before pitching her into this mindless menagerie and exposing her to the high priestess of the slagocracy. Still, it allows everyone to revel in their own self-righteousness and gives the Guardianistas the chance to lord their moral superiority over Britain's burgeoning underclass of 'white trash' (no racism, there, then). We're told there have been more than 20,000 phone calls of complaint. I imagine every handset connected to the Endemol switchboard has been on speed dial. The show might have lost its sponsor, but there'll be another one along in a minute. Most depressing of all is that off the back of this artificial outrage, the viewing figures for Big Brother have risen to 5.7 million. Meanwhile, Dispatches: Undercover Mosque attracted only 1.5 million viewers. It deserves a wider audience.

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At least i am not the only one that thinks this way. You got my vote and i know of many others. We have got a long way to go though to knock out the labour mentality in Barnsley. If a monkey runs they would vote it in. Good luck.