BNP: The Fear Factor – By Paul Harris, Barnsley Organiser

“I totally believe in everything the BNP says but I’m not going to join”.
That’s a line I’ve heard many times. If I say to them “why not join if you believe in it – you know it’s the last chance for Britain” I am met with a blank stare. “I’m just not going to join and that’s that”. Of course I know the real reason they’re not going to join. They won’t admit it but they’re scared.

So what are they afraid of? Do they think:-

As soon as they send the form off with their cheque the thought police will descend on their house, arrest them, and cart them off to a secret location for interrogation and torture. They will never see their families again.

As soon as they send the form off with their cheque their friends and family and everyone in the neighbourhood will immediately shun them, treat them like a leper, and want nothing more to do with them.

As soon as they send the form off with their cheque their boss at work will call them into the office and inform them that this company does not employ racists. They will be given their P45, and sent packing. They will then be blacklisted by a secret Government agency and will never work again.

As soon as they send the form off with their cheque they will be attacked in the street by a gang of four burly men who will give them a really good pasting. They will be beaten black and blue and have to spend a month in hospital.

So our potential BNP member decides “I’ll play safe and not join the Party – let someone else do it – I have got to think of myself first”

I joined the Party in December 2002. At that time there was only a handful of members in Barnsley. I don’t have a paranoid bone in my body. Unlike a lot of people I didn’t think for one second that I would be targeted by anyone. After all the BNP is a legally registered political party.

It was only a few months later, when the Party needed a candidate to stand in the May 2003 local elections I put my name forward. I must admit that at that point I felt a certain amount of trepidation. My name would be public as one of the first BNP candidates to stand in Barnsley. There was one other candidate who was standing with me in this election.

So you’re thinking, this guy has had it really hard ever since. He was sacked at work, has been beaten up in the street several times, has no one to call a friend, and is on the black list of just about every Government agency and employer in the country. Well actually – no.

Since I have been a member of the BNP and stood in 3 elections nothing whatsoever has happened to me. I have never lost a job or a friend because of my membership. In fact I have many many more friends than I ever had. At my place of work, which is a big multi-national, American owned company, everyone, including the management, knows I am in the BNP but nothing is said about it.

If someone joins the BNP their name will of course go onto a database of members on the membership department’s computer. This is then emailed to their local Organiser who keeps it on their own computer. This membership list however is treated with the highest level of security. Encryption software is used on all computers. When emailing membership lists PGP encryption software is used. PGP stands for ’Pretty Good Privacy’ but is actually extremely good privacy. It’s military grade encryption, which ironically is used by terrorist organisations to stop the Government intercepting and decoding their communications. It is 100% unbreakable by even the most powerful computers. These levels of security are not really necessary as my own experience shows, but they are rigidly enforced to reassure potential member that only themselves, and their local Organiser knows that they are a member.

In conclusion there is nothing to be afraid of in joining the BNP. Nothing will happen to you at all. It’s all a big bluff. Life will go on just as it did before you were a member. You will however have that knowledge in your heart that you are actually doing something to save this country for the future of our children and grandchildren.


British National Party member said...

I hope you don't mind, but i copied this and put it on my blog as i think more people should read it.

Barnsley Nationalist said...

We don't mind at all, after all we all support the same party.
Regards BN

Bernard said...

Barnsley Nationalist:

'party' with a Capital 'P'...

if you don't mind!

Barnsley Nationalist said...

Bernard, you are absolutely right. Please accept my humble apologies. I promise I will take a little extra care next time. :-)

The Green Arrow said...

BN, I know you wont mind if I take this and pass it on. It is so true.
Will link back to you.

Good Luck

Paul C said...

Its a great post but how come after all this miltary grade encryption I still got a begging e-mail from Scottish rebels who got my details?
I deleted it unopened of course in case they were sending out virus's to loyal Party members.
The Party should have seized more than one of its computers back methinks.

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