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just want to congratulate the bnp CANDIDATES that have done so very well in the elections it really is a brilliant result.
I'm a Barnsley lass living now near Doncaster and keep a close eye on my home town.
Good to see the folk there are not seccumbing to the constant cultural marxism brainwashing thats' going on.
We must all now start pushing ahead for the general election and get this country back out of the grip of the Marxist eu, and it's constantly pushing forward with the islamification programme that is keeps under raps with the eu/arab dialogue.
support siad the danish group..stop the islamification of denmark, this proving it is not a bnp imaginary dream to cause trouble.
9/11 07 siad organized a demo a march on Brussels to demand our rights to run our own nations free from their grasp. they hope for a million man march!
They as a group are not anti muslim { i am having read the history of islam } but i support them with their stance against the EU.
Take Care!
Cameron is on the list of uaf supporters ..very democratic?


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USpace said...

Save Europe! Sign the SIOE petition...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
screw your great great grandchildren

give the gift of dhimmitude
why preserve your culture

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to discuss immigrant crime
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