The British National Party has always faced opposition from people on the left wing of politics. These people believe in one world – all races and faiths living together in peace and harmony. However this is only their latest fixation. Before this came their obsession with the working class. They saw the working class as facing exploitation from the bosses and owners of the industries in which they worked. They saw themselves as heroes in the roll of fighting for decent wages and conditions against the cruel might of capitalism.

But now they appear to have completely dropped their support of the working class in exchange for their support of immigrants and the ethnic minorities. In fact their new position is in direct opposition to their old position. They are now on the bosses and owners side AGAINST the working class. For is it not true that the bosses and owners will readily employ an immigrant at a lower rate than a British working class person, thus undercutting the wage levels of the British worker, or even leaving him on the dole. Is it not true that the British working class is in direct competition with the immigrant and ethnic minority person for housing and employment, where the middle and upper classes are not.

This tells us something about the character of the socialist person. It tells us that the socialist is basically a weak willed person who needs to keep bolstering his own self image by casting himself in the roll of hero of the underdog. How can these people jump ships so readily and brazenly? The reason is that they are either totally dishonest or totally detached from reality.

This is in direct contrast to a member of an anti-immigration party such as the BNP. Members of the BNP absolutely must be strong willed and determined in order to stand up to the unrelenting attacks from the Establishment. They need to be firmly based in reality to justify their own beleaguered position.

Paul Harris

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Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, when the unions were formed, they really did a good job for the working classes. The proplems was that they were soon infultrated by marxists, communists and other murdering vermmin who used the suffering and anger of the working classes to bolster their idiotic idiologies. We all know that Marxists, leftists, communists don't give adamn about the working class. That why every time there is a murder, its the murderer whose side they usually take. Thank got for the new union solidarity!