Convert to Christianity and Guarantee your asylum!‏

This is yet another classic example why nobody believes Labour and their claims that they are successfully deporting bogus asylum seekers.

Apparently this latest specimen from Iran escaped police custody, so we can safely assume he has some kind of criminal record - for what, is not exactly clear but the press silence over this makes it look all the more suspicious.

Yes another criminal is just the type of "enrichment" that we Barnsley folk need!

Another point of interest is that he also worked for LBD bakeries until he was made redundant - this despite the fact that asylum seekers have no right to work here until they are granted asylum! Again note: Labour's tough stance on clamping down on the employment of illegals by doing nothing!

Now he has met a girl, his girlfriend however is really worried about other Muslims finding out that he has converted to Christianity in case he gets killed, so now he cannot go back to where he came from.


Wait for it...

That's why they have both decided to have their photos taken and their stories covered, including where they reside published in the press for the entire world to see!

Local Labour MP Eric Illsley is disregarding the professional judgements of immigration officials and thinks their stories are credible!
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Jane H said...

I live near to LBD bakeries and have seen the migrant workers getting dropped off there by the bus load. I only wonder how many of these were bogus asylum seekers, baking bread for Marks & Spencer.
It's about time those labour MPs took their rose tinted glasses off and have a good look at what they are turning Barnsley into.

Anonymous said...

I worked at United Biscuits in Halifax when I was 17 many, many moons ago, The Pakistani's were just starting to infiltrate the country then, but it was evident just what they thought about us even then, from the sexual harrasment of ANY female, to spitting in the products, wanking themselves (they always had their grubby little mits down their trousers) then handling dough, and flicking bogies into the currents that went into the garibaldi biscuits. I've never touched anything made by Crawfords, Sainsbury's, Marks & Sparks, or ANY of the other labels they used to produce since seeing that happening.
I often wonder how much body fluid has gone into mass produced food items since witnessing what used to happen at United Biscuits in Halifax back in the late 60's.
I think it's time to boycott all these factories products. I shan't be buying anymore LBD bread from the CO-OP after reading here that foreigners are working there.

I bet if we knew a fraction of what goes off in some of these factories we would all go native and start producing our own food for our own tables again.