2 Great books from Jack Black

Two great books by Jack Black the guy behind the website ‘I am an Englishman’. Those of you who have not visited the site already should take the time to do so.

BLACKLIST is available for a mere £8.00 and can be bought using paypal. The book consists of 507 pages of black on white crimes and lots of really frightening statistics. this book should have a place in any Nationalists library. You can take a look at a preview of the book
HERE, you will need Adobe reader to view.

STUNNING STATISTICS is another must buy; this is a pocket size book consisting of 76 pages.
The book is split into categories each having numerous statistics under each heading. The categories including a taster from each are

POLITICS & BIG BROTHER – In 2004, the UK exported 1,500 tonnes of potatoes to Germany and imported 1,500 tonnes from Germany. This is how big brother imposes interdependency and fingernails his middleman profit.

IMMIGRATION – about 24 million Muslims now live in Europe. In 1950 only 800,000 lived in our continent.

HEALTH – There has been a three fold rise in black Caribbean’s receiving treatment for HIV among the 20,000 Londoners who know they have it.

CHILDHOOD & EDUCATION – 55% of British Pakistanis are married to their first cousins.

CRIME – Out of 19,528 victims of robbery and other street crimes in London in 1983, 10,960 identified their assailants as black, 534 as mixed race and 5,262 of the offences were blamed on whites.

Considering there were a great many more white people living in London than black, at this time, this is a truly startling figure.

HISTORY – In South Africa almost 20,000 people were murdered between April 2003 and March 2004.

This little book is a must for any activist out canvassing who needs to quote a few home truths either to the left or the naïve. You can purchase this little gem for £2.00 including postage from Jacks site; just click the link below to purchase either or both books.


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wombwell lad said...

i have a copy of both books, they are a a must have...

great work.