Veronica is a tad angry today!

How can these goons talk for so long without mentioning a number one concern...immigration!
number two law..there is none.
i'd love to see them tackle the Eu /Arab dialogue which by 2010 will allow 8 more muslim countries to have a free trade agreement which means free entrance to the Eu.
Will one MP explain this from any party at Westminster?
Would they explain The Barcelona declaration signed in 1995 by Rifking which will lead to a virtual hand over of europe to muslims?
Explain to the population the eumed union, what it means what it is?
The politicians are scared to death this will come to light before it's too late by 2009 when they have lied us into full co-operation with the EU DESTROYED THIS COUNTRY, and when we can do nothing about it.
Explain why we pay astronomical amounts from the eu budget now to Arab countries while they buy bombs?
They speak of nazis while not explaining why they employ a nazi in our foreign office a guy from the muslim brotherhood,,,hamas,...the founder al. banna an egypian nazi that unlike any BNP member fought the British tommy's on Hitlers side in ww2.
Why they employ a member of Hizb-ut- tahrir in our home office a guy working to establish the islamic caliphate a rabid anti semite group?
This marxist government certainly is one full of hypocrites and liars.
Were marxist any better than the nazis they claim to hate so much?
Of course not, this bunch really think the UK people are stupid they bring into force PC a nice name to cover up what it really is cultural marxism.
They allow our children to be slowly indoctrinated into islam at our schools hoping we won't notice at the tea table when young johnny doesn't pray to Jesus but mentions the moon god allah.
They bring in thousands of immigrants to dilute the British people and culture and again hope we're too stupid to realize.
Genocide by stealth again hoping we don't notice then they pretend we should fear the BNP.
We saw what happened in Yugoslavia to appease muslims handing over Kosovo to repay their aggression towards the Serbs not the lies we were fed, like the Canadian MP....Yugoslavia and concentration camps were like Iraqi WMDS.
Germany hated the Serbs and their patience paid off killed two birds with one stone.
What happens when muslims decide they'd like an area here say..Bradford or London. do we say ok?
Would nato bomb us should we do what the Serbs did protect their homeland?
That would be another question why the cover up about what still happens in Kosovo churches destroyed burnt to the ground after muslim nutters wreck the place while NATO stands by?
oh yes labour...we have so much ammo and i can't wait to use it. blow your lies wide open so in the end you can go to Iraq with a spade and find your WMDS.
But since in 2000 the bbc should still have the tape of the night service where the invasion of Iraq was discussed at first the plan was a 150.000 troop drop in the oil fields area, you lot know they don't exist and our troops are dying for your lies.
This marxist gang would love us to believe they hold the moral high ground when in reality they are not fit to even lick the shoes of any BNP member.
They play at Democracy for now while putting in place the tools of dire oppression it's no mistake that Mandleson [MARXIST] Merkal [ MARXIST] EU TOOLS infact most of our cabinet inc Brown were either full blown marxists or wrote in support as Brown did at university.
These points are what i'd love answers to not the crap they the MARXISTS would like me to think i need answers on.
Your brainwashing tactics did not catch everyone NL I was a Tory but my party went too soft too culturally marxist, bowing on the alter of multiculture when one country can only have one culture.
I recall that pratt PRESCOT when he said There was no such place or race as English...Well lets see what next years voters think when the letter your office sent is blown up for all to see........
We're not all scared to say i'm a BNP member when we back down from tyrants then we're finished.
Not very confident were they for politicians mumbles mistakes ... but that is a continuation of the last ten years of this marxist regime......
Love how they have to get the bully boys out to fight their battles UAF...UNIONS...ALL KNOWN FOR THE DEMOCRACY THEY PRACTISE....
Thank's for allowing me to rage is getting stronger by the day.
Take Care!

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