Place: Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial and Cemetery, BosniaEvent:

Clinton opens a monument dedicated to Al Qaeda fighters and bows to it!

What is this monument inscribed in Arabic script doing in Bosnia? What is it doing in the Western media declared "Heart of Europe?" None of the peoples of ex-Yugoslavia speak or understand Arabic. None. None of the Bosnian Muslims with exception of maybe a tiny minority of Islam clergy understands Arabic. So, for whom was this monument erected? The only answer to the puzzle could be the fact that round 10,000 foreign volunteers, jihad fighters, fought against the Christian population of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Most of these Islamic fanatics, members of Al Qaeda, came from Arab speaking countries.
And that is the answer to the puzzle.
America has right to know. As you will see from the text that follows - American government invested ONE MILLION dollars into this monument.

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