You couldn't make up such an idiotic situation if you tried!

Imagine the following scenario: A group of policemen witness a violent
unprovoked murder of a man outside his home. The murderer is still standing
around when the wife of the man opens the door and shouts some insults to
the murderer. The group of policemen arrest and charge the woman to appear
in court on public order offences. The murderer walks away free, threatening
to kill even more people.

Sounds absurd? Well consider this:

In July 2005 Muslim terrorists murdered over 50 people in London and seriously injured many others. Two weeks later, they tried again. Thousands of Muslim crackpots where subsequently seen on TV marching the streets of London in support the terrorist atrocities. Only two were arrested and tried. Meanwhile, Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP was arrested and tried twice for insulting Muslim extremists and for warning that they were plotting terrorist attacks. To make matters even more absurd the police introduced a policy of dismissing officers who are members of the BNP, a legally registered, peaceful and democratic political party. Yet in response to recent revelations by MI5 that up to eight police officers are suspected of having links with Al Qaeda the police have said that the suspected jihadists have not even been suspended because they claim that the police do not have the legal power to suspend or dismiss them! One suspected jihadist officer working in the South East has been allowed to keep his job despite being caught circulating Internet images of beheadings and roadside bombings in Iraq.

This situation demonstrates that the police have been turned up side down by this evil politically correct government and it's blind efforts to recruit minorities the point where the force is an enemy the British people. They make up their own legal powers and exercise them as and when they choose. This evidence demonstrates that they persecute law abiding individuals but condone and support the Muslim terrorists who are trying murder the people of this country because they do not follow a book (the Koran) which instructs its followers to kill unbelievers.

I have great trouble in understanding why the people of this country haven't already taken matters into their own hands and declared a civil war to liberate us from this evil and to restore the democracy and sensibility that existed in this country not too many years ago.

Mark Kaye


najistani said...


Viewed rationally, Islam is a non-starter. Its 'Holy' Book consists of half-digested fragments of Judeo-Christian theology, mixed with the bile of hatred, and spewed into the fair face of Christendom from the putrifying guts of a violent, deceitful, plundering pedophile. The Koran is full of historical, scientific and logical errors and even contradicts itself on numerous occasions. Not exactly the work of a Supreme Intellect!

And yet Muslims claim that these demented ramblings and rantings are the literal word of God Almighty, to be treated with utmost respect. They throw enormous tantrums when Korans are left in toilets or returned to libraries with bacon-rashers as bookmarks. In the Islamic paradise of Pakistan, damaging a Koran or insulting The Pedophile are punishable by death.

To understand Islam we need to look at the most primitive organisational state of mankind - Tribalism.

If we regard the Ummah as a tribe, and the Koran, the Pedophile and the Black Meteorite as the tribe's three main totems, we begin to get a better understanding of Islam. A tribe derives its identity and unity by displays of reverence towards supernatural totems, and feels insecure and threatened whenever the power of its totems is weakened, for example by the totems being 'humiliated' or 'polluted' . One of the surest ways of demoralising a tribe has always been to desecrate its totems.

This explains the rage at the Motoons, and the 'hate crime' of the Koran down the toilet. It also explains why the Saudi authorities made such a fuss when they found a Christian in Mecca. The precincts of the Holy Meteorite had been defiled by a najis kaffir.

Tribal culture and psychology are difficult for civilised people to understand. Most parts of Western Europe have not been organised tribally since the Dark Ages, so it's difficult to get inside Muslim mind and understand just how primitive and benighted are the psychological processes that go on there. For example:

- A tribe regards itself as perpetually at war with all other tribes - hence the Muslim worldview of Dar a-Harb in conflict with Dar al-Islam, and Ummah in conflict with Kaffir.

- The property and women of other tribes are there for the taking. Might is right - hence the Jizya, Razzia, white slaving etc which are all justified by the Koran. Tribalism also explains the chants of 'We will take your wives for booty' at the London Motoons demonstration - this is the typical behavior of the stone age savage.

- The ethics of reciprocity (do as you would be done by) only apply within the tribe. Hence the lack of any Golden Rule in Islam. The nearest you get to the Golden Rule in the Koran is desiring for your brother Muslim ('kin-selection') what you desire for yourself - in other words share out the booty equally.

- Loyalty to the tribe is of paramount importance - hence the punishment by death for apostates.

- The tribe must not mingle with other tribes or else it may lose its identity - hence the self-imposed ghettoisation and ethnic cleansing of Kaffirs from the periphery of the ghetto as seen in European cities.

- There is a great desire to destroy or humiliate the totems of other tribes, especially where they have phallic significance - hence the attack on the twin towers, and the plans for the MegaMosque whose minarets will be taller than any Christian building.

Muslims in the modern world are living fossils, though like dinosaurs suddenly set down on the streets of London, none the less dangerous for being so primitive. Islam appeals to the lowest and basest instincts of man, and in the absence of a strong, confident modern culture will gradually reduce its host society to a disfunctional state of anarchy where Islam can gain the upper hand.

Tribalism makes it impossible to defeat Islam by reason or appeals to decency. The Koran, the Pedophile and the Meteorite are not capable of being examined rationally or ethically - they are pre-rational symbols of tribal cohesion. And when that tribe is on a roll , and believes itself to be the strongest and fastest growing tribe winning the Jihad against all the rest, no rational argument will persuade its warriors to abandon the winning side.

The Ummah may eventually have an 'Emperor's New Clothes Moment', but it will not come about by reviewing the evidence for a flat earth in the Koran. It is more likely to happen by military defeat in a European Civil War or World War III.

Dr C. Riyal Kilah said...

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

The good news and the bad news.



"ALEX Salmond has boosted the cause of radical Islam in Scotland in his response to the Glasgow Airport attack, a leading Scots academic on religious affairs has claimed.

Tom Gallagher, the chair of Peace Studies at Bradford University, said that Salmond had courted "radical voices" in the Muslim community following the attempted bombings...

He also accuses Salmond of deliberately setting out to exploit the attack to win favour with Muslims in Scotland"

We've employed the usual response to close down this discussion: "Saeed (Dr Homi or Dr Sewi?) has now accused Gallagher of Islamophobia, saying there was no basis for the academic's attack.

England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland - they're all Dar al-Harb as far as we are concerned. But let's continue paying 'Divide and rule' betwen Sassanach and Celt, Protestant and Catholic . If the Kufaars don't hang together, then they will most certainly hang separately! Allah Akhbar!!!!


The Kufaars are beginning to question what exactly we Muslim doctors are doing to them.


"One comment on those jihad "doctors".. the way they botched those terror attempts makes me wonder if they ever were very good doctors to begin with..."-- from a reader

Isn't there another, much more obvious thought that the case of the Jihad Doctors might prompt? How carefully, with what tender attention, might such "doctors" treat their non-Muslim patients? I'm not talking about potential serial killers, injecting something lethal into the veins of trusting young Vijay Kumar, aged 11, who is brought in by his parents, or Mrs. Goldstein who closed her fabric store after her husband died, or retired Wing Commander Archibald Coakley, M.B.E., whose grandson brought him in, because each represents a different example of the enemy, the Infidel enemy that still inhabits England and seems to think the land is not for turning.

No, there are other ways. Deliberate inattention, offering a wrong diagnosis, treating with ineffective drugs, overlooking the latest literature, forgetting ways to ease their pain, treating them roughly as they undergo certain procedures, making them anxious and enjoying their anxiety and that of their families.

Farfetched? Why? If you take to heart what others among you have obviously taken to heart, and if this is indeed the permanent enemy, and if you are told you must not only never take them as friends, but regard them as Unbelievers who are obstinate obstacles to the triumph of Islam, large boulders blocking the path you have all your life been told to take, fi sabih Allah, wouldn't the stranger reaction be for those of us on the outside to dismiss such fears? Would it really make sense to call those who harbor them, or who point out why they are not necessarily far-fetched, objectionable, and not investigate the real possibility not only of such behavior -- but of the potential liability of doctors' groups and hospitals if they do not investigate or worry sufficiently about such matters? "

Dr C. Riyal Kilah
Muslim Malpractitioners Association

Anonymous said...

Here's a modern Muslim hymn: 'Dirty Kuffar' which is very popular among the 'youth':

It's not exactly 'All things Bright and Beautiful'. It says kuffars should be thrown into the fire for not worshipping Allah (aka Satan) and glorifies the London Bombings. 'Teaching them a lesson with the London Bombs - Don't let them tell you that the method is wrong."


Maybe you can get your church choir to sing it as an alternative to Kumbaya as an expression of interfaith dialogue and respect.

Allah Akhbar!!!