Prison Works

It often said by liberal and left-wing criminal luvvies that prison does not work. Of course it works. Only an idiot would say otherwise. It works because whilst criminals are locked up in prison they can't go out and commit crime! Even a three year old can understand that! Unfortunately our prisons are full because the liberal lefties have shortened sentencing to the point where prison has become a temporary inconvenience rather than a harsh deterrent. As a result, crime has exploded and with it too, the prison population. Now prisoners enjoy better access to healthcare than the general population and are even given free "safe syringes" with which to participate in their illegal drug activities. They do not have to work to earn their living and they are treated to all the modern conveniences such as radio and TV. Prisoners are so well looked after these days that it costs of over £60,000 per year just to keep one of them there - over three times more than most people take home in their pay.

If prisoner’s sentences were increased to reflect the severity of their crimes then the prison population would actually fall. And for those repeat offenders like violent muggers, burglars and car thieves who don't change their ways and have been misled to believe that that society owes them something, I'm afraid the death penalty is the only remedy. Yes, I can just imagine it now. All those liberal lefties frothing at the mouth in shock and horror at the thought that I would like to see these people removed from our society on a permanent basis so that the rest of us can get on with our lives in piece. What a pity these sick and twisted liberal lefties don't show one tenth of this concern when an old aged pensioner is shot or when a young toddler is mown down by some drug induced car thief just outside their own front door.

Mark Kaye

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