Channel 4's Mosque program

Mark Kaye responded to THIS article.

Some very serious questions indeed need to be answered regarding police independence in the face of their bizarre decision to turn the tables on the broadcasters of Channel 4's Undercover Mosque programme.

Firstly, if the footage seen of mad mullahs preaching death to unbelievers and homosexuals was completely made up then surely the police and the CPS would have had grounds to arrest the programme makers and charge them with the falsely reporting crimes, wasting police time and inciting race/religious hatred. In the case of a woman falsely reporting a rape, then this would have undoubtedly have happened.

Secondly, if the footage had been made up, then surely these preachers would now be running to their solicitors to file a case for liable against Channel 4 in the certain knowledge that their booty would be guaranteed. None of this has happened. Instead, by referring the "evidence" to a secret body called the broadcasting watchdog, the public will never get to see the unedited footage or listen to the "evidence." The watchdog hasn't got the independence of a court and they will act as Judge, Jury and Executioner on the programme makers in complete privacy. The police have obviously "copped" out of this case just like they did in the cash for peerages case because their high ranking Police Chief Officers, who are nothing more than left-wing politicians in uniform, have formed such good friendships with the Labour Party. The trial of BNP leader Nick Griffin and Mark Collett demonstrates this perfectly. Whilst the case had many similarities with regards the points of law breeched, the edited footage seen by the public showed no indication of incitement to commit acts of violence, yet the police and the CPS tried twice to prosecute. Even when the case was thrown out the second time by a jury, senior politicians including the now Prime Minister Gordon Brown were heard making criticisms of the jury's decision and how the law needed "tightening up." The whole thing stinks of political interference and the Labour party's determination to apply the law differently to different people.

Britain used to be renowned has having the fairest justice system in the world. This case is just another nail in the coffin that represents just how corrupt and unfair it has become. The case has also exposed the hypocrisy of all these left-wing and neo-liberal idiots who have suddenly jumped on this bandwagon. Disgraced George Galloway MP was heard on the radio this morning trying to re-enforce credibility for his views by claiming they were now endorsed by the CPS and the Police. Well, all that can be said about this George is that the CPS has already fully established itself as a joke organisation that is committed to the goal of protecting criminals and humiliating their victims. As for the police, is this the same police force that you have so loudly claim is institutionally racist for stopping and searching too many black people?

Mark Kaye

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