Top journalist demonstrates why the BNP are more in touch with public opinion than Liebour.

Reggie Omar is a top journalist. Being a journalist and of Somali origin, one would expect him to be biased in favour of mass immigration but such is the strength of public opinion nowadays, even Mr Omar cannot hide the truth any longer.

His recent programme - Immigration: the inconvenient truth - began with Bradford writer - Richard North declaring he was a fan of the traditional gas lamp because they have a little cross bar near the top where he can visualise politicians and civil servants being hung along the side of the road for how they have brought the immigration invasion on this country without the consent of the British people. This comment is particularly sobering. Even the BNP would probably shy away from using such direct and blunt language in public. It certainly demonstrates the reality of ill feeling towards Labour politicians if professional writers are willing to say these things on TV!

During the programme, Mr Omar referred to some recent polls:

83% of all Britons feel that there is an immigration crisis.

66% of all Britons feel that their jobs are being undercut by migrant workers.

Note: The term "Briton" is actually used to define anybody currently living in the UK, not that they are British, so these will include the views of immigrants as well!

69% of Britons feel special treatment is given to migrants.

Note: These figures have been compiled by pro-multiculturalists!

But even more remarkably:

58% of IMMIGRANTS feel there is an immigration crisis!

40% of IMMIGRANTS feel second and third generation immigrants are given special treatment!

66% of IMMIGRANTS feel that immigration should be restricted or stopped!

Martin Hancock a social worker instantly demolished the Labour Lie that immigrants don't jump the housing queue. He said British families were upset when they say immigrants jumping the housing queue and that's why British people are voting for the BNP. Obviously, he must be confident in what he is saying if he wants to keep his job!

In conclusion, ask yourself this: Who is most representative of public opinion? Liebour or the BNP?

Who are the real fascists? Those that uphold public opinion or those that disregard it?

Mark Kaye

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