The Guilty - Another great article from Paul Harris

As the proportion of third world immigrants and their descendents increases to become the majority of the population in Britain, the resulting problems will become so severe as to be undeniable, even by the most myopic self-deluded left wing intellectual sitting in his ivory tower. At some point the remaining indigenous British people who will have to live with these problems day after day will say to themselves “why was this done to us? – why was a civilised, orderly, prosperous, and relatively crime free society transformed into a chaotic, dismal hell-hole with rampant serious crime dominated by the backward medieval religion of Islam and vicious non-white criminal gangs"? The fantasy of a happy and harmonious multicultural society, which even today is being closely questioned, will by then be blatantly exposed as a pure and evil lie. The people will say to themselves “who brought this disastrous situation upon us"?

Unfortunately for the Establishment politicians and left wing zealots of the twentieth and twenty first century, there will be no hiding place and no excuses. They will not be able to say “we had no alternative, there was no option and we had to allow mass immigration”. They won’t be able to say “we didn’t realise that this would happen".

There have been right wing parties and politicians trying to warn the British people of the consequences since immigration from the third world began 60 years ago. Many books have been published over the years. And now with the internet there is a multiplicity of websites trying to alert the British people and the Western world to the impending disaster. Also throughout this period there has been several right wing political parties earnestly offering an alternative agenda. Do the Establishment politicians of today think that they will not be held accountable for their legacy to these future generations? Will their reputations remain wholesome and untarnished?


People in fifty or sixty years time will still have access to the same right wing anti-immigration books that are available today, and to websites such as this one and they will say “why oh why were these people not listened to (that’s us in the BNP) - why did the British Establishment do their utmost to suppress their ideas - why couldn’t they see that they were so obviously right?” Then they will look closely at who the politicians were who imposed this dysfunctional society upon them – that’s our mainstream Establishment politicians of today. These politicians who grew up in the calm, orderly and civilised society created by the indigenous British people and bequeathed upon their descendents a chaotic, strife torn, basket case society composed of a jumble of incompatible people from every corner of the globe. You can be sure that the memory of these politicians will be hated and reviled with a vengeance.

So here is a message to these people who may be reading this article in the year 2060. Listed below are a few of the people who have brought this disaster upon you. Here are some of the people that you should be directing your hatred at. Spit on their graves because they were cowards and they were scum.

Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister)
John Major (Prime Minister)
Tony Blair (Prime Minister)
Gordon Brown (Prime Minister)
Ken Livingstone (London Mayor)
Steve Houghton (Barnsley Labour Leader).

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nemesis said...

Even if we are outnumbered 10 to one there will still be enough true Brits to rid ourselves of what we hate and we are not waiting till 2060 to see if the predictions are true. Action is underway now to prove the prediction false. my predictions have come true and are still doing so, within ten years total social disintegration leading to civil war with the Islamic population leading to expulsion and proscription of Islam. Mass trials of Marxist Ministers from this Government. This civil war will be more devastating and bloody than the french revolution, and a woman will lead the BNP to power