Socialist Unity?

I've been rummaging around an amusing place called Socialist Unity, which is composed of wooly-hatted and wooly-brained people who like to protest about things, but don't want to get their hands dirty by actually doing anything. It's up to someone else to do the stuff. They just shout until it gets done.

At one of their shouting sessions in which they shouted about other people having money and not giving it to them, several shops were smashed and looted. Naturally, they didn't do it, it was 'pseudo-anarchists' (the socialist untiers are real anarchists, because they vote for and support this government. Don't ask me, it's their logic). Or maybe it was 'police provocateurs'. It can't have been any of their shouty friends because all they do is shout.

Anyway, the police rounded up a few of them and
locked them away for a while. Outrage! Repression by authoritarians! Human rights! Toilets! Tea and sandwiches!.

Lois said: “I am angry and outraged at the Lords judgement, which found there was no ‘arbitrary deprivation of liberty’”. I and thousands of other peaceful anti-globalisation protesters were detained by police for nine hours, in a confined space, and without water, food or toilet facilities. To any reasonable person, this clearly amounted to a deprivation of liberty and the police action on May Day 2001 breaches European Convention on human rights”.

No tea and sandwiches? Why, it was practically Auschwitz. Nine hours? Murderers get out in less time. The police would never detain an MP for nine hours... oh wait.

“The Lords have judged the police can take such draconian action, as they deem fit, against protesters. Since 2001, we have seen the police use similar detainment tactics against other peaceful demonstrators, including against environmental protests and recently against Gaza war demonstrators.

These repressive police tactics are an attempt to intimidate protesters and the right to demonstrate.

"Huh? No, no, no, Lefties. We are not a police state. You've told us so yourselves. Repeatedly. We're just paranoid, remember? Labour isn't out to repress us all. They aren't banning demonstrations. You just have to give the police notice, so they know where to find you when it's time to round you up.

“Our fight against poverty and exploitation continues, as does our campaign to have the basic democratic rights to protest.”

They are incensed that they can't protest. Whatever happened to free speech, eh? Whatever happened to the right to protest?

You did this, Lefties. You don't like it, do you? You voted for it and you support it with your union dues. You didn't think it would apply to you, you thought it was for the dangerous far-right groups like trainspotters and tourists. Now you're getting a taste of what your beloved socialism is all about, you don't like it at all. And still you can't see that it's your ideals, your policies that are at play here. This is socialism, Lefties. This is what it's like, this is what you wanted.

The lefties are furious. So they're taking their case to Europe, where they actually think they'll get their rights back.

I shouldn't laugh, but for some reason I find I just can't stop.

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